UX, Ix & UI/Visual Design of Web Services & Software


What Drives Me

The elegance and eloquence of the dialogue that is the interaction of humans, the digital artifacts they use and the ways, situations and environments they are used in.

Philosophically its heart is the desire and yearning to understand humans and humanity.

There is also the innate drive to create beauty in form and function, items and ideas that upon their arrival touch something at the core of people, organizations and societies, alter their perceptions and help them transcend.

In short, it is the desire and the ability to see the world better and the willingness to do the work to try to effect a lasting positive change in it.

The tools of User and Goal Centered Design help find the right questions and through them the answers that enable the creation of services and software that facilitate the creation of positive user experiences time and time after again.

Hot right now:

  • Agile Experience Design, Agile UX & Lean UX
  • Agile & Lean software development in general
  • Storytelling & Writing
    • In short: I strive to better myself, the world and enable better experiences.