UX, Ix & UI/Visual Design of Web Services & Software



As a designer chiefly interested in ensuring the creation of software products and services that allow the emergence of best possible user experiences the scope of my work is varied and wide.

My experience: +15 years of working in various functions in the web & software design industry, as a designer, creative and also as an entrepreneur.My ability to best carry out this role is made possible by the experience I have gained through the years of working in various functions in the industry, as a creative and also as an entrepreneuer.

I also carry out continuous self study of the best practices and theory of design.

In Practice

Here are the main areas where I can be of assistance:

  • Ideation, concepting and user & design research, creation of content strategy
  • Creation and discovery of personas, use cases, user stories, user journeys and other story based design aid
  • Create workflow diagrams & flowcharts, wireframes, mockups & prototypes and other visual design aids
  • Design interactions, UIs & visual style.
  • Create production/developer ready design deliverables such as high definition visuals and HTML prototypes.